A downloadable game for Windows


You play as a raver in a techno Club. The goal is to stay awake until the club closes. To do that, you have to consume certain substances, which influence the your health.

Make sure you use a headset for the full club experience, we really tried to imitiate the feeling as best as we could :D

How to lose:

  • get caught by cops when the attention or overdose level is too high
  • if you dont consume substances your fatigue level will be too high


  • Mouse -> Camera
  • W-A-S-D -> Move
  • R -> Rave

Control influences:

  • the player controls and sences will be influenced by your overdose and fatigue level

Assets are either from mixamo.com, generated by several different AIs or created by ourselfes.

CLICK! for some sick sounds!


StayARave.zip 323 MB

Install instructions

This is a ZIP file lol, you need to unpack...


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Lol auf der Stage in der oberen Etage liegt also der gute Stoff herum.